RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders – Edinburgh & Lothian’s is supported by local qualified and experienced volunteers who invest their time to develop associates ability of driving and riding to improve road safety in our area.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing high demand for both car and motorcycle tuition where the waiting list currently stands around one year.

Our driving and riding courses are open to any qualified driver 18 years old or over who is seeking to improve their abilities and increase the road safety aspect of their driving/riding. The techniques we teach are based on the Police Driver’s Handbook & Police Riders Handbook, ‘Roadcraft’ and The Highway Code. Upon joining you will become an Associate Member, you will then be allocated a Tutor who over a number of practical riding sessions will assist you in your goal to be a better driver/rider.

The amount and type of training required will be tailored to you as an individual; there are no prescribed course lengths at present. Experience shows that the average driver/rider attains an Advanced Level of ability after about 8 practical sessions.

When you arrive for any activity within the group, whether it’s a drive/ride out with your Tutor or an organised run, please make sure that your vehicle is maintained in good order and road legal. If for any reason it is found that this is not the case, you will be politely asked not to take part and recommended to remedy the situation before attending again. This is not a case of the group “making silly rules”; the fact is that if you are stopped by the police, an association may be made with RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders- Edinburgh & Lothian’s as a whole and RoSPA as an organisation. This may reflect badly on us and undermine the standing of the group.

To register your interest on any of our courses, please complete a Waiting List Application Form. If you have any queries or require more information, please contact our secretary.