What is Advanced driving?

What is advanced driving?

It is a safe, thoughtful and methodical way of driving. Advanced drivers are more observant and better at anticipating changes in the surrounding conditions. Because of this they are able to plan their driving to deal with any circumstances.

Advanced Driving is based upon the ‘System of car control’ as detailed in Roadcraft – The Police Driver Handbook. It is unlikely that anyone will gain a high grade without a good knowledge of the current editions of The Highway Code and Roadcraft.

Advanced driving and riding is essentially about handling your vehicle safely. Our courses will show how you can quickly learn to improve your powers of anticipation, concentration and observation. You will develop skills that will enable you to plan where to place your vehicle to help ensure that, whatever the circumstances, you will be in the correct position on the road, travelling at the right speed for the conditions, with the correct gear selected and you will always be able to stop safely on your own side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear. Our tutors are friendly and approachable and will help to make sure that you’ll enjoy training with us!

Some benefits our members receive…

  • Reduce the risk of having a crash (the knowledge to be in the right place at the right time)
  • Improved confidence, the feeling of being in control and being less stressed behind the wheel
  • Advanced drivers and riders have been proven less likely to be involved in a road traffic incident!
  • Improved Fuel Consumption
  • Advanced driving and riding techniques teach you the most cost effective way to drive, to keep fuel consumption to a minimum!
  • Less wear and tear to your vehicle
  • By using the ‘system of car or motorcycle control’ techniques, your driving or riding will be smoother, resulting in less wear and tear!
  • Access to exclusive RoADAR benefits
  • We have a range of benefits for members who pass our test, including insurance discounts.

A common myth…

Advanced driving is driving in a manner that is slow and boring. (We won’t respond to this myth – just come for a taster session and see for yourself – if you believe this myth – you may well be surprised)