A day in the life of a tutor…

Who am I to tell someone else to drive differently? I’m still learning – we all are!

That is the common trait that we find in the tutors, everyone knows that they need to and wants to “do better”, there is no pomp and ceremony. We have all demonstrated that we can drive to a Gold level and have taken further training to further improve our drives, but also on how to help others to achieve the same level, how to deliver the information to someone who is new to the system of car control.

The entire process of helping someone else achieve their RoSPA Advanced Test is so exhilarating, seeing the tweaks in their driving style and seeing them really enjoy the drive is so rewarding. Some of our associates don’t attend to pass the test, simply to gain some confidence – again such a rewarding thing to do. That smile beaming from ear to ear is great.

As a “knock on” effect of tutoring, it offers us our own version of CPD (Continual Professional Development) as on some occasions we will need to explain or demonstrate something in a number of different ways. But we are continually talking about and reviewing Roadcraft and the highway code.

The associates are so appreciative of our time, usually once every two weeks for a couple of hours, but it really is whatever works for you and for the associate. Sometimes over a coffee, briefings and debriefings can be done to share the good and the “could be a little better” moments or just to share stories.

Writing the report, helps us keep up to speed with Roadcraft and the highway code, as we reference them. The best way to actually learn the two publications.

The tutors will share ideas, problems and best practice. Occasionally we will go for a drive together so we can see how each other deals with the road ahead. It is like a family, we are all there for the same reason and want the same things.

I remember doing my tutor training and it seemed such a distance away, but it really wasn’t. It was just about driving well and having the ability to share that skill with others.

If you’d like to consider becoming a tutor, speak to one of the committee and we can explain a little more. If it is something that you’d be keen to do, we will help you through every step of the way.